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Rapid Routing benefits

Rapid Routing is a key part of the Hazmap Modeller product, demonstrating  that the connectivity and function of pipelines is as vital as the as-built geometrical description of the position and orientation.

It is proving to be a highly cost effective way of producing as-built "CAD friendly" intelligent pipe data.

Define a starting point and initial direction:

A single point is measured on the pipe to be routed using the Hazmap Measurement tools ( tangent measurements will define the OD of the pipe will be available and used to automatically size the pipe).

The user clicks on the point and define the initial direction of the pipe, in this case north.

Rapid routing technique

Specify the direction of the next section of pipe

In this case the direction is up.
Sizing can be specified or derived from the original measurement. For example the pipe attribute may be used to define a nominal OD and the graphical techniques shown here work with a larger lagged OD.



The next section of pipe is positioned


The next section of pipe is positioned, by a click on the centreline of the pipe on the left. This action is actually positioning the bend seen at the lower end of the red section. A 90 deg fixed bend is being used here but a variable angle bend is available.

The next element in this case is a flange.
The flange is an inline element, i.e. it does not change the direction of the current pipe section.
A click of the mouse positions the flange constrained to the current section.


Define the next element


Position the next element

Position th enext element with  a single mouse click on the first flange of the assembly seen on the left.

In a few seconds we have successfully defined part of a pipe route including:

The route can then be saved or exported to a variety of CAD packages via user customisable  scripts.

Rapid Routing