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measurement of industrial plant and complex infrastructure

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Product photography

A generic tool

CCTV, Moving cameras and scanned photographic negatives.

The Hazmap process usually starts with the capture of panoramic images on the site.

These are linked together to be in a unified coordinate system, usually as defined by 3D points from a conventional survey.

At the core of the system is a general purpose photogrametric module that can process images from hand held ‘top-up’ digital cameras used off-shore for example.

The primary requirement is the lens is not altered or zoomed after calibration.

Key features

ABSL Precision Panoramic Camera

Key features include:

For nuclear applications where access to perform a standard survey may be impractical the technology can use some dimensions and ‘natural’ points of reference to establish a geometric frame of reference without a survey.

In cold case forensics the environment no longer exists.  The software can work with scanned negatives and retrospectively calibrate the camera and determine its position if items of known scale are visible. In our forensic work these points of reference have been as simple as a newspaper.

If the camera is mounted on a vehicle the speed and direction of the vehicle can be determined.

ABSL have applied this to analysis of fatal accident situations to assist in the virtual reconstruction of the incident.