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measurement of industrial plant and complex infrastructure

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Full training can be provided at client’s site or our offices.

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Equipment Purchase

Clients who wish to capture and process their own images will require an ABSL precision panoramic image capture unit and photogrammetric bundle adjustment software.

Another option is the use of an ABSL calibrated D-SLR camera. The client’s own members of staff can capture photographs and send them to ABSL for geometric processing for use with the modelling software. This is ideal for nuclear or off-shore applications.

Site Survey

ABSL can provide a range of image capture services surveying, photography and archive creation.

Skilled staff with experience of survey work in a variety of situations including off-shore, nuclear, forensic, motorway or rail can be deployed anywhere in the world.

A metric site survey is generally required unless existing survey data is available. Hazmap image archives can provide high precision over large structures such as oil platforms.

Image capture

The panoramic scanning camera can be deployed to capture many thousands of indexed high quality digital stills.

Data Processing

The panoramic images and site survey data are combined to create a metric image archive that can be used for measurement purposes.

Forensic Consultancy

Hazmap has assisted UK police forces in the forensic processing of photographic stills not originally intended for photogrammetric analysis.
Spatial information such as a suspect’s height, the position and size of weapons, palm prints, blood splatter can be determined.

Panoramic Image Archives

Special Services

CCTV Analysis

Hazmap has been utilised to analyse stills from vehicles mounted CCTV cameras to determine speed and route of vehicles involved in incidents.

ABSL Panoramic Indexer in a process plant.