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measurement of industrial plant and complex infrastructure

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Access a specific project via a web browser

Sales and Information

The customer service team will be delighted to discuss software or service options.


Intranet viewer

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CAD Interface

Access a specific project on a DVD / USB stick

General viewing of any Hazmap image archive

Viewer with 3D measurement capability

Viewer with 3D measurement & CAD modelling

Bi-directional CAD Interface

Software Product Overview

Software Licensing

Three options are available:

Single Project licence
ideal for easy access to an image archive on DVD or memory stick. No software installation is necessary.

Single Machine Licence
A single PC seat that can load any project.

Floating Network Licence
The most flexible option, a central server issues licences across a LAN.

Walk Through

Keyplan / areas

Area Selection

Hotspot Query


3D Measurement

Geometric Calculator

3D CAD Overlay

Rapid Plan Creator

Rapid Pipework

Bi-direction CAD interaction

Laser Point Cloud display

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