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measurement of industrial plant and complex infrastructure

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The work was project managed by the Department of Photogrammetry and Surveying  with close technical direction from the following industrial partners:

Nuclear Electric  - the organisation then responsible for the safe and efficient operation of Britain's nuclear power stations. The particular challenge was the aging gas cooled Magnox reactors with its range of unique designs.

Électricité de France  - EDF The French generating company with a capacity of over 100 GWe, most of which is produced in nuclear stations.

British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) - UK nuclear fuel reprocessing.

Sellafield © Copyright Raymond Knapman 1002965 geograph.org.uk University College London © Copyright Nigel Chadwick 2724811 Geograph.org.uk

Hazardous or disordered …

Gas cooled Magnox Reactor Inspection at Nuclear Electric FREDABSL Inspection camera in trials prior to live deployment.

Working with its industrial partners ABSL designed theodolite mounted camera survey technology fast survey in areas with limited personal access time.

Sizewell A Nuclear Power Station

UCL Gower Street

Magnox Inspection

Sellafield, Cumbria

As-Built Solutions Ltd - was formed in 1993 to exploit  research at University College London.

The research formed part of the European Union Teleman nuclear robotics programme addressing the challenge of intervention in hazardous or disordered nuclear environments.



The value of the technology outside of the nuclear industry was quickly recognised.

Sellafield © Copyright Raymond Knapman 1002965 geograph.org.uk

Hazmap has since been adopted as an advanced photogrammetric tool in Oil, gas, chemical, rail and forensics.

Other innovation included a solid state panoramic inspection camera  for accurate measurement of reactor fuel charge assemblies in Sizewell A power station.

Following in the wake of the Chernobyl accident the Teleman initiative was organised to design a range of sensors, measurement and intervention tools that could be available as contingency in the event a nuclear incident.

UCL’s hazardous mapping solution was named: Hazmap. It proved to be of value in the context of general plant operation as provided calibrated image archives of nuclear plant where access by surveyors was either severely time restricted or impossible.

The CAD systems such as PDMS from CAD Centre had complex functional and connective attributes for piping and equipment. This required skilled CAD operators that could now 'visit' hazardous areas without leaving their desk.

Models of complex environments could be created that accurately reflected the true operational environment including any historic modifications or recent changes to allow careful planning prior to robotic interventions.